Bill Oliver - Florida-Based Medical Salesperson and Entrepreneur

Florida Resident Bill Oliver - Creator of the Bodacious Beach Blanket

An entrepreneur and accomplished salesperson, Bill Oliver resides in Sarasota, Florida, where he educates medical professionals on how to properly perform PCR DNA testing and how to interpret its results. Bill Oliver previously worked in sales for Florida's RX Pharmacy To You and Charleston, South Carolina's Vicran IGF Pharmaceuticals. He has additional sales experience with Piedmont Airlines and also worked in research and development with Spinal Solutions, where he fitted patients for orthotic bracing products for the upper and lower extremities.

While he has achieved success in sales across a variety of sectors, Bill Oliver is perhaps best known for creating the Bodacious Beach Blanket <> . This unique beach blanket has two slots for inflatable pillows and corner pockets which can be filled with sand to keep it from blowing away, as well as waterproof pockets to store wallets, keys, and other items. He has also worked for Advance Mechanical in Charleston and began his career as a firefighter with the Columbia Fire Department in South Carolina. He completed courses in mechanical engineering at Midlands Technical College and microbiology at the University of South Carolina.